Burpple Partners ComfortDelGro Taxi to Bring Down Delivery Costs to Restaurants

Burpple partners ComfortDelGro Taxi to bring down delivery costs to restaurants

  • Tackling the high costs of delivery commissions ranging from 30 to 35%, Burpple will be partnering with ComfortDelGro Taxi on its new ComfortDelivery platform to reduce costs down to 20 to 25%*
  • This will provide Burpple’s over 500 Beyond merchants with cost savings and immediate access to ComfortDelGro Taxi’s fleet of 10,000 taxis.

Singapore – 29 May 2020 – Burpple will be partnering ComfortDelGro Taxi to bring down delivery costs through its delivery platform – ComfortDelivery – to 550 Burpple Beyond merchants.

Burpple Beyond (“Beyond”) is a subscription-based rewards programme that offers 1-for-1 deals at a curated list of restaurants. Of the 550 merchants, more than 200 have now pivoted to offer the same deals for takeaway. With this partnership, Burpple will be reaching out to all merchants to onboard them onto ComfortDelivery’s platform. This will encourage all Burpple Beyond members to enjoy these deals from the comfort of their own homes.

There are three goals this partnership hopes to achieve. Lower delivery commission costs to restaurants, which in turn, lowers delivery fees for consumers, and to provide an additional source of income to Comfort’s drivers. These added merchants will also provide consumers with more choices.

Fees charged by the food delivery players in Singapore range from 25% to as steep as 35% an order. Calls have emerged from the F&B sector for delivery platforms to lower their commission rates.

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