ComfortDelGro Cabbies To Add Medicine To Delivery Repertoire


2 June 2020 – First food. Then groceries. And now, essential medical supplies!

ComfortDelGro Taxi has tied up with ALPS Pte Ltd, which is the supply chain arm of the public healthcare system, to deliver essential medication to patients with pre-existing conditions, who require regular refills during the COVID-19 period.

Enter ComfortDelivery, the month-old delivery service launched by ComfortDelGro Taxi specifically for delivery jobs during the ongoing pandemic period.

The service is offered to all public healthcare institutions (PHIs). PHIs that wish to tap on the service to delivery medication to its patients can set up individual accounts with ComfortDelivery, log in to select “Medicine” and start placing delivery jobs. Delivery fees are charged to the PHIs by the distance, with a starting fee of $6.50 for up to the first 3km. All fees go directly to the cabbies. But, unlike food deliveries where cabbies are paid by the F&B merchants on the spot, delivery fees for medicine are credited to the cabbies’ UOB bank accounts by ComfortDelGro Taxi the next working day. PHIs will continue to engage the patients who need medication delivery via ComfortDelivery or other delivery platforms.

Upon successful booking, cabbies will have to notify and confirm delivery details with each receipient before delivery. They are to also ensure that all medication is transported in accordance to the temperature requirements. They will also be taught to ensure that the parcels are kept away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture. Upon delivery, cabbies have to verify the identity of the recipient before signing off on behalf of the recipient to minimise contact.

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