Rent a car from us and ease your CDG Zig Driver application now

Do you want to become a private hire vehicle (PHV) driver, but don’t own a car yet? Or are you a seasoned driver who is looking for different car rental options?

Come check out what we have to offer!

What’s more, renting with us will ease your application for our CDG Zig Driver platform – where bookings are available!

Renting a car from us

Browse our catalogue of car models and choose one that fits your requirements! We can even bring in your desired colour, depending on its availability.

We also offer six- and seven -seater vehicles, which are certified “Premium” on different ride booking platforms, and allow you to earn higher fares!

Plus, you can enjoy these benefits* when you rent with us:

· A completion bonus of $$1,288 for a 12-month contract (brand-new cars only)

· A completion bonus of $2,688/$3,288 for a 24-month contract (brand-new cars only)

· Discounted in-house fuel rates at six fuel kiosks

Keen to rent from us? Fill up this form here and an officer will reach out to you.

*T&Cs apply. Subjected to change.

Easing your CDG Zig Driver application

If you have decided to rent a car from us, you will automatically be invited to join our CDG Zig Driver platform. This means your application automatically becomes a priority, and we can facilitate a smoother CDG Zig Driver onboarding process for you.

More about our CDG Zig Driver platform

The CDG Zig Driver platform secures bookings from ComfortRIDE (Taxi or Car) option on our ride booking App, CDG Zig.

This allows our PHV drivers to tap onto a larger pool of loyal customers that we have. Moreover, our commission fees are quite competitive, and can sometimes be lower compared to others when you rent a car with us!

If you are already using other ride booking platforms such as GOJEK, Grab or TADA, and are looking to expand your source of income, why not join our CDG Zig Driver platform?

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