Buckle up, your Zig is here

Surely media events don’t have to be boring and we made sure that ours definitely wasn’t!

Earlier last week on 2nd March, we zignapped our guests on a mysterious but exciting adventure around Queenstown, Chinatown and Kallang area, uncovering the coolest F&B and experiences all over our little island that is often misunderstood to be boring. Prior to the event, we intentionally kept the itinerary a secret so that our guests were truly signing up for a day of unforgettable moments.

Similar to the way Zig suggests new discoveries based on your preference of how adventurous you are and how you enjoy life, our event was segregated into 3 routes, each curated specially for our guests. The routes included activities such as cafe & bar hopping, trekking at a scenic yet unknown area of Singapore, even parkour classes for those who enjoy being active, and much more. Likewise, whether you are a creature of habit, a curious explorer, or a thrill seeker, we have a diverse array of escapade opportunities in store for you – at places you never thought you’d find yourself!

During our press release, Zig CEO Mr. Liew Wei Chee added that the user experience of Zig, with its fun persona and bold visual aesthetic, has been designed to give users a whole gamut of features to make lifestyle discovery fun, socially interactive and most importantly, more convenient.

Throughout the journey, our guests were able to explore these hidden gems in their unassuming locations, make reservations and place orders, all within the Zig app. Using our interactive map, guests were recommended nearby eateries and attractions that they would otherwise have merely passed by.

To ensure seamless integration of lifestyle and mobility functions, Zig has partnered up with Chope to bring users over 1500 merchant listings, on which you’ll be able to make reservations, purchase Chope deals and order takeaway. Our “discover” page is also powered by Klook, where you’ll find a mix of activities from tours, to craft workshops to staycations – whatever gets you feeling Ziggy.

A big thank you to all our partners for helping to make the event a great success, not forgetting our guests for being such great sports and having a blast with the Zig Team!

Zig is available for download on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. A new Zig loyalty rewards programme will be rolled out in Q2 of 2021.

So you might want to try switching up your routine and join Zig – the newest, freshest, most un-boring way to get around Singapore and discover new experiences.

Because Anywhere Can Happen when you ride with Zig.

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