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You are the bar everyone wishes they knew. You serve the best Ayam Penyet in Kallang. Your food brings joy and sharing it brings people closer. You know it. We know it. Now, let the rest of Singapore know it.

Fast Food. Cafes. Restaurants. Transit Food Stalls. Bars. Takeaway Kiosks.

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You are everything a home DIY-er would want. You hand-make the best leather shoes. You give a new meaning to athleisure. You import the freshest ingredients in your neighbourhood. You have what a new parent needs for the peace of mind. Now, let the rest of Singapore know that.

Convenience stores. Supermarkets. Fashion. Cosmetics. Sporting Equipment. Stationery Stores. Drugstores. Luxury.

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You are a treat for the senses. You let the imagination of your visitors run wild. You are instagrammable. You bring smiles to families everyday. You refresh minds and nourish hearts. You are the destination of choice for seniors and couples alike. Now, let the rest of Singapore know that.

Grooming. Healthcare providers. Pets services. Cinemas. Concerts. Nature & Wildlife. Arts. History. Leisure. Recreation.

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Let us help you drive targeted, qualified traffic to your stores through real-time and location-based personalization

On-time payments guaranteed

We know how important it is to keep your cashflow healthy

Hassle-free onboarding

Flexibility to use your mobile devices to receive orders and configure store settings

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Got questions?

  • How do I prevent customers from placing orders for food items that are sold out?

    Tap on the sidebar on Product overrides. Turn off product and tap on Save. The product will no longer be visible on the front end until the next day. 

  • How does Zig work?

    Zig is a lifestyle platform that combines journey planning, transport booking and lifestyle discovery into an all-in-one app. Our users may make a reservation or place a takeaway order availed by our merchants.

    Simply sign up to become a merchant, provide all the necessary details required, create your online menu and receive orders through any mobile devices with internet connection! 

    To sign up as a merchant, click here

  • Are we able to go offline if we are busy and unable to accept takeaway orders?

    Yes, simply log into your account and tap on Overrides > Store Overrides > Fulfilment Type. Toggle off your respective Mode of Fulfilment to temporarily disable orders. 

    Please note that only Store Admins can make this configuration. 

  • What is the billing cycle and when can I receive my payment?

    Payments are processed on a bi-monthly basis; we understand the importance of having a healthy cashflow.

  • Can I adjust the food preparation time?

    Yes, simply log in to your account and select Settings > Kitchen Preparation Time (Minutes).

    Please note that only Brand Admins and Store Admins can make this configuration.

  • How do I tag my restaurant as Halal certified on Zig?

    You may do so on the merchant account by tagging the respective store. Please provide a copy of your Halal certification for our verification during the application process.

  • Can I sell alcohol on Zig?

    Yes, please provide a copy of your Liquor License for our validation during the application process.

  • Can my menu be amended once it is set up?

    Yes, simply log in to your account and tap on Menu to make the changes.

  • Who can I contact if I encounter an issue with an order?

    Please contact our friendly partner support team at [email protected]. We are always ready to support you! 

For any other questions, contact Zig at [email protected]

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