MXG Classics X Zig

In our first merchant video, we visit MXG Classics – a cozy restaurant selling one of Singaporeans’ favourite food, the Mala Xiang Guo! (And learn that their spice levels can go up to very, very, very, very dangerous if you’re up for the challenge.)

Constantly seeking to redefine their Mala dishes to satisfy local tastebuds, MXG Classics offers refreshing new flavours for their customers. With their boldness and creativity in redefining the well-loved Mala, MXG Classics might prove to be one of the best new Mala places around Singapore.

Happen to crave Mala but stuck working or studying from home? Fret not! MXG Classics is now available on Zig. Simply choose takeaway and use promo code <mxg4> to enjoy $4 off your total cart with no minimum spend.

MXG Classics
83 Circular Rd
Singapore 049435

By Yvette