If there’s a Japanese snack you can’t seem to find a replica for in Singapore, it’s the tamago sando. Ask anyone who’s been to Japan and they’ll tell you the number one snack you have to purchase at any Japanese convenience stores, are these egg sandwiches.

These Japanese egg mayo salad sandwiches are well loved by tourists from all over the world who simply can’t get enough of them and continue to crave them long after their vacation.

Fret not, PIVOT’s got you covered! PIVOT is a quaint little café with minimalistic interiors, perched on North Canal Road. No need for fancy décor – the food is the star visual and speaks for itself.

The menu offers diverse options for a delightful tea break, but you’ll notice many of the items stem from Japanese roots and are inspired by traditional Japanese flavours.

PIVOT’s Tamago Sando ($7) is exactly like the egg sandwich you’ll find in Japan’s Lawsons or 7-Elevens, if not, even better. Two soft slices of shokupan (Japanese milk bread), coated with liberal amounts off their homemade egg mayo spread, a large golden egg tucked at its core and a few sprinkles of black pepper to bring the entire sandwich together. The bread is toasted for an extra crunch amidst the soft textures of the dish.

Other than the Tamago Sando, PIVOT’s Oscar Boyle, Oh! Gee Cha, and Fields of Yellow cakes also offers a Japanese touch. The Oscar Boyle is a matcha and black sesame opera, great for those who enjoy a gentle and calming taste with a tinge of sweetness. If you’re into slightly deeper flavours, the Oh! Gee Cha is a light Hojicha mousse hiding an apple compote center, allowing the spark of fruitiness to bring out the roasted aroma of the tea.

While Oh! Gee Cha is definitely a crowd favourite for PIVOT, the Fields of Yellow is a flavour you can’t help but be curious about. Burnt basque cheesecakes are the craze now, but where else have you seen a kinako (roasted soybean flour) tofu cheesecake?

Let’s face it – we probably won’t be travelling to Japan anytime soon so the next time wanderlust hits you and you’re missing Japan, head over to PIVOT for a quick fix!

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10 North Canal Rd, Singapore 048823

By andrea