What is Zig Rewards?

Zig Rewards is our loyalty program which allows you to earn Zig Coins and redeem them on a variety of attractive vouchers.

You’re automatically a Zig Rewards member once you sign up for a Zig account.
Start earning your Zig Coins today!

How do you earn Zig Coins?

Earn Zig Coins by making taxi bookings and placing F&B takeaway
orders on the app.

Do my Zig Coins expire?

Zig Coins are valid for a period of 1 year after the date of issue.

Zig Coins which are expiring at the end of the current month will be displayed on your profile page.

Zig Coins are not transferable between accounts.

What can Zig Coins be redeemed on?

Zig Coins are the currency used in Zig Rewards to redeem vouchers.

Use Zig Coins to redeem a wide range of benefits and perks such
as lifestyle vouchers and experiences!

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What are the respective tiers?

There are 3 tiers in Zig Rewards: Zig Rookie, Zig Whiz, Zig Master.

Zig coins earned are dependent on your tier.


Earn 1 Zig Coin for every SGD $1 spent.

Points needed to qualify:
No qualification required! You will be automatically qualified when you sign up for the Zig app.

But why stop here? Level up to unlock better rewards waiting for you in the higher tiers!


Earn 1.5 Zig Coins for every SGD $1 spent.

Points needed to qualify:
Earn 500* or more Zig Coins within 12 months.

Boost your way up to Zig Master to enjoy a greater multipler and better deals!


Earn 2 Zig Coins for every SGD $1 spent.

Points needed to qualify:
Earn 1500* or more Zig Coins from Zig Whiz within 12 months.

Supersize your earn rates at this tier and treat yourself to special offers from our Rewards catalogue!

*At the point of Zig Whiz and Zig Master qualification, any Zig coins in excess of the required for qualification will not count towards tier renewal or upgrade.

*Please note that coins earned from challenges and bonus coins will not be calculated towards tier renewal or upgrade.

Have more questions? please refer to our FAQ or contact us at [email protected]